Total Body Reset

Getting back in shape does not have to be overly complicated.

You only have to do these 4 things. That's it 4

  1. Personalization to your body type.

When you know don't know your body type you could be eating too much or too little. and usually too little is the majority of time.

2.Personalization on your workouts according to your goals . The workout your friend is doing or that YouTube video you see, may not be the best workout for you and your goals,

3. Establishing the sustainability of proper adjustments. Don't keep doing the same think if your body is telling you by a plateau that you need a change. You'll learn these ques in the course, You don't want to stay in a deficit or a build for ever.

  1. Be consistent. There is no way to shortcut this process you must trust this process.

That sound easy enough?

For years I had played around with fad diets, I did Adkins, I did Keto and then I did High carb, oh yes and even the portion control containers. Sure I might have lost a few pounds but only to regain it all back and then some. I was working out so hard and yet I still was not getting the fit tone strong body I was working so hard to achieve.

Without the guidance of a CPT I was basically running around in circles and getting no where.

Other things youll learn in this program

Cardio, is great for your heart and as a tool for fat burning. Even too much is not a good thing, especially when you are trying to build a body.

Learn how much cardio you should be doing.

Learn to Use proper form and sequence so you prevent injury and /or burn your self out.

Finally leave room for rest and recovery. That's when all the magic happens.


Meet Lisa Your trainer

Total Body Reset

Take control of your life again and feel great by eating clean whole healthy foods. Training your body to work properly and burn fat, and Tone your body so you look and feel great!