Have you ever felt like you have just lost control of your life, Your Body, and part of your mind?

My story / you may feel this way now!

That was me about 12 years ago. Yes, I'm smiling at the camera but my life was in shambles.

Life was more than I could handle. I had been dished out more than my fair share of hurt and heartbreak. I was afraid to answer the phone or check the mail or watch the news because just one more catastrophe just may push you over the edge?

In just one year in 2009. My mother was fighting cancer, we lost our house to a fire, Then had to go through the rebuild process and meanwhile lived in a 27-foot camper. My husband lost his job, Then found comfort from another woman, my mother soon passed away, my teenage boys were well.... They were being Teenagers. Understandably not wanting to be at home. The stress was taking its toll on my health. and to beat it all I was premenopausal. My diet was terrible I mean with all of this going on who had time or energy to cook and eat healthy? Fast food (KFC) was my go too.

I was suffering from it all. I could see in the mirror a constant reminder of how stress and my hormones were affecting my body. I was in pain both mentally and physically. I had heart palpitations, Insomnia, and Stomach problems, and Joint pain.

Out of a list of 15 possible problems that stress could cause I had 12 of them. And a list of menopause symptoms was just as bad. It was only a matter of time before serious illness would set in.

I knew I had to do was to start taking better care of myself. That's always the first thing the Dr. Tells you. Stress is best treated with exercise.

Well, I did not want to hear that... That was one more thing I had to do!!


Eating clean and physical activity helped me mentally and physically 

Fitness is not just for aesthetics it is the most unutilized form of therapy.


It is literally how and why your body was created, TO MOVE.

In this course you will learn

1. Your personal body type , and how to personalize your nutrition plan according to YOUR needs.

2. Personalization on your workouts according to your goals .

3.learn to set goals and how to achieve your goals by establishing proper adjustments, So that you avoid plateaus .

If you are consistent your will get results.

Did you know that you can be intentional with your workouts and your nutrition and begin to heal yourself as well?

 During exercise, your body releases chemicals that can improve your mood and make you feel more relaxed. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals such as dopamine (pronounced doh-pa-mean) and endorphins (en-door-fins) in your brain that make you feel happy. Not only is your brain dumping out feel-good chemicals, but exercise also helps your brain get rid of chemicals that make you feel stressed and anxious This can help you deal with stress and reduce your risk of depression.

Now I want to help you find that place of peace, joy, and confidence in yourself. 

Listen we all have the same amount of time in our 24 hour day. When it came to the 30 minutes that I spent on myself, that was my therapy and no one could take that away or change that. It may not have been the same time every day but those 30 minutes were mine!!

Today I want to help you find strength, Health, and inner peace. As well as take care of your body So you can enjoy you life and be as active as you want. No more missing out on the activities that you enjoy because you don't feel good or you're just too tired!

I'm offering my Total Body Reset that teaches you where to start!! ( to help get your body running properly with proper nutrition) as well as a fitness program that is tailored to you and your current level of fitness.

What you get in the Total body Reset program is

A Nutrition plan tailored to you and your body type. This will help optimize your health and performance.

Allowing you room for your favorite meals or treats. THIS IS NOT A RESTRICTIVE DIET.


Meal suggestions to help get you started.

Macros chart to help you make your plans

 Your Monthly workout program specifically built to help you burn fat, build strength and confidence and finally get those hormones under control.

to help

Your adjustment chart So you understand what your body is telling you. Know when to make adjustments to your plan.


1) Access to Makeitrealwellness Q and A Private Facebook group with Weekly Tips on nutrition and meals and fitness. A group of ladies that are all on the same journey as you are on.

(coming soon)

2) Questions answered in real time in the group with me to help clarify any questions you may have .

My email for personal questions and possible one on one calls.

(one on one coaching is additional )

3) Your workouts get updated every month so your muscle strength and growth continue to progress.

4) You'll receive both the Dumbbells workout as well as the Body weight workout that co-inside with each other for the days you need them.

This way when you travel you can take your workouts with you!

Enroll now for this special price!

Take control of your life again and feel great by eating clean whole healthy foods. Training your body to work properly and burn fat, and Tone your body so you look and feel great!